Car rental in USA

"The land of endless possibilities" they called it, and when it comes to tourism (and even more so in car rental) it seems that the variety of possibilities is truly unimaginable. It spreads over 9.8 million square kilometers and divided into 4 different time zones from New York to Los Angeles.

The USA is made up of a multitude of styles, accents, traditions, ethnic groups, landscapes and climate systems, and is the place that connects dreams into one, larger than life, reality.
You will not be able to experience all of the USA in one visit, but wherever you decide to visit, car rental in USA is the cheapest and most convenient solution. Whether in Florida, California or New York, renting a car will make your journey more fascinating, direct, wild, interesting and inspiring.

Ofran operates in the USA with the two brands from largest rental company - Alamo and National - both companies are ranked first in consumer surveys year after year.
Alamo and National offer advanced 24/7 road services and one-way rentals on favorable terms, so that you can enjoy your trip comfortably with no worries.
These companies have thousands of car rental stations in central locations at all major airports, parks, tourist sites and busy city centers. The vehicle groups offered are diverse and range between small, medium, family vehicles, SUVs, luxury vehicles and minivans, all of which have automatic transmissions.

Working with the major companies in the US allows us to offer you a higher availability of vehicles, however, especially if you're planning to rent a car during summertime, please note it is recommended to book a car in advance, even more so if you're intending to rent a large vehicle, or a minivan.

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