Car Rental in Portugal

Portugal lies on the Iberian Peninsula, between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean.
In recent years, it has experienced a dramatic change in the field of tourism, and has become one of the most popular destinations in Europe and the US as a whole.

This is a destination that includes some of the most important elements for a vacation: good food (mainly fish and seafood-based), a cool Western European cityscape, wild nature, great weather, wine, beaches within driving distance of the cities, and a bit of Ronaldo for die-hard soccer fans.

The comfortable weather most of the year, combined with the unique experience it offers, makes it a perfect vacation destination for all ages. Renting a car in Portugal is a great way to experience all the beautiful scenery along the way.

Ofran operates in Portugal through leading international rental companies, such as Europcar, Alamo, Budget, Hertz, Enterprise and Centauro. which are located in all main airports such as Lisbon, Porto and more. as well as in the  city centers and tourist sites. 
There's a variety of car groups to choose from – from small and medium vehicles, family and minivans to premium cars and automatic vehicles.

Working with several rental companies in Portugal allows us to offer you higher availability of vehicles, and still – especially if you're planning to rent a car during summertime, it is recommended to book a car in advance, even more so if you're intending to rent a large vehicle, station wagon, minivan or an automatic car.

The road service of the international rental companies provides an answer to any matter 24 hours a day, whether you are in a big city or in the countryside.

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