Car Rental in Austria

Thanks to its great location right in the navel of Europe, its rich culture and its spectacular nature, Austria is considered one of the most visited countries on the continent.

Although its population is larger than that of Israel, its area is 4 times larger and about 62% of it is dominated by the noble Alps. Thanks to this, Austria is not only a destination for trips during the spring, summer or autumn, but also a dream vacation for winter skiers. Its central location makes it easily accessible – car rental in Austria is a perfect place to visit even when you have started or if you want to end your trip in northern Italy, Germany, Switzerland or France.

Ofran operates in Austria through leading international rental companies in Austria, such as Europcar, Budget and Enterprise. Therefore, in this site you can enjoy a wide range of car groups and multiple rental stations in Austria, including the central airports as well as city centers.
There's a variety of car groups to choose from – from small and medium vehicles, family and minivans to premium cars and automatic vehicles.

Working with several rental companies in Austria allows us to offer you higher availability of vehicles, and still – especially if you're planning to rent a car during summertime, it is recommended to book a car in advance, even more so if you're intending to rent a large vehicle, station wagon, minivan or an automatic car.

Besides being a great destination for ski enthusiasts or culture fans, Austria is an easy and convenient place to move and travel through with the entire family and see its stunning views. It offers a variety of attractions suitable for children and parents including salt mines, ice caves, mountain slides, bath complexes and water parks, ravines, lakes and much more.

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