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Traveling with your friends for a big trip in the USA or Europe?
Note that car rental companies do not allow the rental of a vehicle for drivers under the age of 21 - so the driver must be over this age when signing the lease and collecting the vehicle.
Also, note that in most countries car rental companies apply different restrictions on young drivers between the ages of 21-26.
In addition to the "young driver" supplement that applies to the basic insurance charge, which will be charged for any young driver who signs up in the lease separately, there may be restrictions on car groups allowed, the deductible etc.


But don't worry - in the US, for example, We have a special car rental plan for young drivers that includes what you need at a discounted rate -
To do this, you must select the "Young Drivers" plan which will include the "young driver" insurance supplement for up to 3 young drivers and will also include the cost of a fuel tank in advance, so that you will be able to return the vehicle with an empty container.

And what to do when booking a car at other destinations?

You can check the amount of "young driver" insurance supplement depending on the type of vehicle by clicking on the "Add-ons" link in each result.
This amount will be charged directly by the car provider when taking the vehicle for any young driver who signs up on the lease.

Ofran wishes you a safe and pleasant trip.

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