Car Rental in Boston

If you consider yourselves true enthusiasts of American culture, you must make a visit to Boston. It's a city that carries more historical significance than any other, particularly concerning British colonialism and the American War of Independence (the Revolutionary War). Consequently, it's brimming with historical sites that have become pilgrimage destinations for anyone interested in this pivotal period in American history.

There's no doubt that Boston is an extraordinary destination that seamlessly combines captivating history with a vibrant contemporary culture, the most indulgent and corruptible American cuisine, and the best of local shopping traditions.

Ofran collaborates with several leading international rental companies in Boston, including Alamo and National. Therefore, on this website, you can enjoy an exceptionally wide range of car groups and an extensive network of rental stations throughout Boston, at all major airports and even in city centers. The car groups vary and include small, midsize, family, luxury, minivan, and automatic transmission vehicles.

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