Long Term Lease in Europe

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Ofran is collaborating with Car-2-Europe, and offers long term rentals, starting from 30 days and up to 175 rental days.


Why should you book your long term rentals with us?

 Special prices for long term rentals! up to 40% cheaper than a regular rental

 Insurance without deductible

 Brand new car - with 0 km

 Working with 3 car manufacturers (Peugeot, Citroën and DS)

Citroen C3Citroen C3 AircrossCitroen C4Citroen C5 Aircross

DS 3DS 4DS 7

Peugeot 308Peugeot 2008Peugeot 3008Peugeot 5008

Where in Europe can you book this long term lease program?

Available in main airports across France:
Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Geneva, Marseille, Mulhouse, Montpellier, Nantes and Toulouse.

Available also in main airports across Europe:
Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Milano and Rome.

In addition, you can travel with the car to all countries that are in the EU, and since the cars are brand new - in any case of damage or malfunction you can enter an authorized repair garage in the country you're at and get assistance.


Who can enjoy our long term lease?

Drivers 18 years old or older who are for example:
◾ Tourists, planning a long trip.
◾ Students.
◾ Guest professors in universities or other institutes, arriving for a long stay.
◾ Journalists that are arriving to cover an ongoing event.


To find out more about the rental terms and to receive a price offer, please contact us at +972-3-7951010

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