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Are you a part of a travel company or tourism entrepreneur looking to add a car rental partner program to your website?

Do you represent an organization looking for a solution for renting a car abroad for the business trips of the employees, or to enrich the variety of benefits you offer to your employees?


Ofran is the largest company in Israel for car rental abroad. We work with over 200 car rental suppliers all over the world, so we can offer a very wide range of options, and your customers or employees will find the most suitable and affordable product for them.


In addition, we at Ofran strive to provide our customers with competitive prices combined with the best service, and as proof we pride ourselves on the high satisfaction of our customers.


We offer a variety of options for collaborations:

Ofran affiliate programs -

Ofran has been operating in the B2B market for over 30 years and is the largest and the leader in the field of car rental abroad in Israel.

The Ofran B2B program is a flexible system that will allow you to embed an engine for booking a car rental abroad on your website or portal, either through a link through a White Label engine that we will create for you or by connecting systems directly through our XML.

In this way, visitors to your site will have direct access to the variety of Ofran products and services.

Our solution, which is simple to implement, is a great way to increase your revenue, as well as increase the value and functionality of your website.

If you do not have the ability to implement the engine on an active website, we can create a solution for you that will stand as a separate affiliate website, to which you can direct customers with a link from your website / portal, and to which all orders placed through it will be directly associated with your agent card.

The orders are tracked directly and efficiently in the order tracking system of our agents, which allows immediate access to all the details of the orders made in your engine. You can also make your own reservations using your personal partner login.

Your customers will benefit from leading and multi-channel customer service before, during and after the rental.

Interested in collaborating? Send an email to [email protected] for more details.


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Ofran corporate plans for companies and organizations -

In addition to its activity with thousands of travel agencies in Israel and around the world, Ofran also serves high-tech companies and some of the largest international industrial companies in the world, including Elbit, Rafael, the Aerospace Industry, Orbotech, Check Point and more.

Ofran operates a dedicated business department with an experienced and professional presentation team, which will provide a personal and efficient service in the field of car rental abroad for your company.


The benefits of working with Ofran's business department:

▪ Experience and expertise in the field - Ofran has been operating in the car rental market abroad for over 30 years, and is considered the largest and the leader in Israel in its field.

▪ Professional, fast and efficient service - multi-channel support before, during and after the rental.

▪ In whatever model is convenient for you - we provide service to your company through your travel agents/coordinators or directly in front of you, according to your preference.

▪ Attractive prices - a product that includes all the components you need at a particularly attractive price.

▪ The best car rental providers in the world - work with over 200 providers around the world and choose for you the leading providers from the best in each destination.


Start working with us today - send an email to [email protected] for more details.

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