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Ofran is committed to the rules of the "Public Trust" organization ("Emun Hatzibur"), which express high standards of truth and fairness in advertising, full disclosure and transparency of information, proper service and product liability, fairness in drawing up contracts and their existence, maintaining privacy and respecting the law.

The Public Trust Organization (a non-profit-public benefit company) is a social organization established with the aim of promoting fairness in the conduct of businesses and public institutions in Israel using various professional tools.

Not every business can be a business bound by the rules of public trust. Only businesses that have been found by the public trust to be in compliance with the rules of the organization may submit their candidacy for receiving the token.

During the candidacy stage, all the consumer interfaces of the business are examined in accordance with the requirements of the law and the rules of public trust, and the business undertakes to correct all the deficiencies that were identified in this procedure. If this procedure ends successfully, a business may commit to the rules of public trust. The mark of public trust indicates to consumers with whom it is worth doing business.

The Public Trust organization mark is a statement by the business to the public that it is committed to the rules of fairness, reliability and transparency established by the public trust organization, and that it is subject to a public trust control procedure on its consumer interfaces (for a fee) and that it undertakes to correct any deficiencies found in its conduct and to settle factual disputes with its customers.

To the Ofran page on the Public Trust website, click here

Customers whose treatment by the business is not to their satisfaction are encouraged to contact the Public Trust Complaints Center.

You can find information on how to submit a complaint, on the rules to which we have committed ourselves, as well as additional information on the activities of the Public Trust Organization on the organization's website: www.emun.org 

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