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What are cookies?

"Cookies" are small text files created by a web server and stored on your device. Their purpose is to store a small amount of data, based on your activity on the site, so that the server can identify you quickly and provide you mainly with information you need. Cookies are not spyware or adware, and cannot spread viruses or run software on your PC or device.
By agreeing to the Terms of Use of the Website, you allow Ofran to use the information stored in the Cookies - and to identify you accordingly.

Why do we use Cookies on the Website?

We use Cookies in order to operate the website, including for the purpose of checking and maintaining its activity, collecting statistical data about the use of the website, verifying information, securing information, collecting statistical information about usage, and collecting data that does not include personal information. all of the above help us to be able to customize the website to your personal preferences.
Cookies can also be used to customize the ads that are presented to you with products or services based on your various internet activities and other sites and services you visit.

Web Beacons

In addition to cookies, we use web beacons for the ongoing and proper operation of the website. Web Beacons are small graphic files with a unique identifier embedded in web pages. They assist in gathering information about the viewing and use of the website. The information collected by the web beacons does not identify you personally and is intended to monitor the website's browsing patterns and monitor the users' preferences regarding different content and services.

How can I prevent the use of cookies?

You can disable the use cookies and/or to remove network beacons by changing the settings of your browser. Please follow the instructions on your browser's help file for this purpose. In some of the services mentioned above, you may request to remove the collection of cookies about you (using the "Opt Out" option).
Please note that disabling cookies may result in you being unable to use some of the services and features on this or other Web sites and to reduce user experience.

The use of the cookies or web beacons by a third party

When you visit our website, you may enter links to other sites, some of these sites provide us with services or relevant for our activities. Ofran is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of such sites or suppliers and their use of the cookies or network beacons is subject to the privacy policy as posted on their website.

For more information and a detailed explanation of our privacy policy click here

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