Car rental in Milan

Milan is the second largest city in Italy, but when it comes to industry it is the official capital. It is the richest of the Italian cities and its economy is almost equivalent to that of neighboring Austria.

It is a pilgrimage center for designers and fashionistas and is synonymous with innovation, creativity and curiosity towards all things artistic and shiny. It is considered one of the leaders of global taste in clothing, lifestyle, interior design, product design and architecture. Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Versace, Gucci, the famous football teams Milan and Inter and many other names that have become brands - they all grew here.
It is also a great starting point for those who wish to experience the beautiful landscapes of northern Italy: The Alps, the lake region and the picturesque villages of the Renaissance.

Ofran operates in Milan through leading international rental companies in Milan, such as Enterprise, Europcar and Budget. Therefore, in this site you can enjoy a wide range of car groups and multiple rental stations in Milan, such as Milan airport and city center.
There's a variety of car groups to choose from – from small and medium vehicles, family and minivans to premium cars and automatic vehicles.
Working with several rental companies in Rome allows us to offer you higher availability of vehicles, and still – especially if you're planning to rent a car during summertime, it is recommended to book a car in advance, even more so if you're intending to rent a large vehicle, station wagon, minivan or an automatic car.

Looking for long-term car rental in Milan?

New! Ofran is collaborating with Car-2-Europe, and offers long-term car rentals for periods of 30 to 175 days.
Book your long term leasing rentals with Ofran and enjoy up to 40% discounted rates, comprehensive insurance, a new car with 0 km and the option to rent from 3 leading manufacturers: Peugeot, Citroen, and DS.

The long-term car rental is suitable for drivers over 18 who wish to rent a car for an extended period for various reasons, such as tourists planning a long trip, students, visiting lecturers, and journalists on long-term assignments.

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