Car rental in Munich

From top-notch museums to a glorious beer culture, Munich, the capital of Bavaria, is one of the most special cities in Germany and the world. It is also a first-class technological, business and academic center.

Munich is known for the famous beer festival "Oktoberfest", its rich nightlife (especially in the Schwabing district) and its unique and varied Bavarian cuisine, which includes a variety of sausages, dumplings, pretzels and also... real Bavarian cream.

Car rental in Munich is ideal for those planning to travel in Central Europe. Munich's excellent geographical location at the foot of the Alps in the rural south of Germany makes it a central crossroads and a perfect starting point for the tourist who wishes to explore one of the greenest parts of the country in Europe with the possibility of traveling to the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France or Italy.

Ofran operates in Munich through leading international rental companies, such as Europcar and Budget. which allows you to rent a car at Munich airport as well as in the city center.
There's a variety of car groups to choose from – from small and medium vehicles, family and minivans to premium cars and automatic vehicles.

Working with several rental companies in Munich allows us to offer you higher availability of vehicles, and still – especially if you're planning to rent a car during summertime, it is recommended to book a car in advance, even more so if you're intending to rent a large vehicle, station wagon, minivan or an automatic car.

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