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What exactly are "SIPP codes"?

SIPP codes are industry standard for describing vehicles and are used to summarize the key features of a vehicle.
The codes usually have 4 characters, each character stands for a certain feature; for instance: a CDMR code describes a Compact, 4/5 Door, Manual gear car with Air conditioning.

A CDMR code can describe a vehicle of many different makes/models, such as Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus, Renault Megan, Seat Leon, Hyundai i30 and more.

Why are SIPP codes used?

The SIPP codes make it easier to compare between different vehicles by grouping vehicles with similar features together. As there are thousands of different models of vehicles in the world, a system of organizing them is needed.

If I book a specific model, will I definitely get it?

When you make a reservation for a vehicle, you are not guaranteed to receive that specific vehicle/model, however, you will receive either a vehicle with the same SIPP code or a vehicle with superior SIPP code (hence - you will be upgraded).
Actually, as the issue of models and their distribution between the different stations is a function of the car supplier operation, receiving a vehicle from a parallel model in the same car group that was booked is quite common, so we recommend you will not set your hopes on receiving a specific model or make.

The purpose of the SIPP code is to code the car group you have booked.

Use of different car codes:

The SIPP codes are a voluntary standard set by the industry body ACRISS (the official ACRISS site: ). Car rental companies are encouraged to use these agreed SIPP codes but they are not obliged to do so.

Unfortunately, several If car hire companies are not part of this organization and use their own codes, which are slightly different from the industry standard, however in is recommended to use the table as presented on the ACRISS as indication.

How to use SIPP codes?

Each of the 4 letters in the SIPP code describe a different thing - the type of vehicle, the number of doors, the transmission or whether the vehicle has air conditioning. Features that can't be picked in advance - fuel type, break horsepower, trunk size, color or sound system.
Below you can find a car code table as published in the ACRISS site*:


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