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For your information: According to the directives of the Ministry of Transport for Israelis intending to rent a car abroad,
At the time of pickup, you should show the car rental voucher, your Israeli driving license (valid and plastic), and an international driver's license.

According to the Ministry of Transport, every holder of an Israeli driver's license is required to obtain an international license before going abroad. It is not common to drive in foreign countries with only an Israeli license.
An international driver's license grants the right to drive in foreign countries according to the driver's license levels and is conditional upon a valid permanent (plastic) Israeli license being attached to it.

To view the relevant instructions on the Israeli Ministry of Transportation website click here

It is important to know

Car rental companies, as well as local law enforcement agencies, may not acknowledge the Israeli driving license without an international license presented next to it. 
Also, in some cases, in the event of an accident, the insurance will not be activated without presenting a valid international driving license to the enforcement authorities and car rental companies.

Make sure that your Israeli driving license is valid

The international driving license is only valid when it is attached to a national valid driver's license (plastic).
If you find that your driver's license is about to expire, you must pay the license fee and renew your national license immediately. 

It is important that you know that a temporary driver's license (paper) is not valid for car rental companies, and the national license issuing process may reach a length of 8 weeks from the time of completion of the renewal request.
In July 2019, a high-speed license issuing service was launched, allowing for a regular driver's license within a day of renewal (with extra charge).
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Ofran wishes you a safe and pleasant trip.

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