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Winter and skiing vacations can be particularly fun and enjoyable, but the preparations can be a little more challenging so you need to be meticulous about the details, which can make the difference between a perfect winter vacation to one that has unpleasant surprises...
We have decided to gather some important tips and recommendations that will help you plan in advance, leave your worries at home and ski with peace of mind.

התכוננו לדרך Prepare for the road: 
Before heading out, it is important to check the weather forecast for the rest of the day and find out whether the route you set has roads that have been blocked for traffic. Also, on every trip, whether it's a short trip to the village or the nearby ski resort, it's a good idea to take a mobile phone, extra warm clothes, food and drinks for any emergencies.

הזמינו רכב מתאים Book a suitable car:
Winter vacations usually require more equipment than summer trips. It's a good idea to book a larger, more spacious car like a station wagon or SUV car ( "monospace"). These cars offer a large space for passengers as well as a spacious trunk and are adjusted for safer travel on smooth roads.

הדלקת אורות Car lights use:
It is advisable to travel with lights on at any time and in any way. Inadequate visibility? Use the fog lights and reduce the speed.

כביש מכוסה בקרח Road covered in ice?
Be sure to drive in low gear, keep your speed steady, and don't make any sudden breaks so that the car won't spin.

הימנעו מסינוור Avoid the sun dazzle:
Along the way, as well as when skiing, you should wear sunglasses in order not to be dazzled.

כיסוי מורחב Upgrade to our extended rental plan "Ofran Plus":
In order to have the maximum coverage and enjoy your trip, we recommend upgrading your rental with our extended plan "Ofran Plus" that includes 50% discount on cancellation fees (In case you cancel the car rental up to 24 hours before the pick-up), and an exemption from charges abroad (cumulative amount) up to the amount of $2,500 in specific cases. You can read more on the plan here.

Special Equipment

צמיגי חורף Winter Tires:
Winter tires are designed to provide maximum traction in deeper snow and sub-zero temperatures and are therefore more suited for winter travel. They are marked with a mountain and a snowflake and have 4mm slots.
Mud and Snow tires are marked by M+S letters, and are approved for use in muddy and light snow conditions. They have deeper ridges than regular tires, and offer drivers improved traction in slick road conditions. They are also called 4-Season Tires or All Season Tires.
If you are expected to drive your vehicle under heavy snow or low temperatures for a prolonged period of time, winter tires should be opted.

Please note: In some countries or in high regions such as Austria, Switzerland, the ski areas in Germany and more, the law requires travel with winter tires. Even if you took the car from another country but want to travel through these countries or in snow-covered areas, you must have a car equipped with these tires to avoid fines.

שרשראות שלג Snow chains:
When you plan to drive in snow covered ways, or in countries or regions that require it by law, it is advisable to order some snow Chains in advance, which improve the car's grip on a snow-covered road, to make sure that they are available to you when taking the car at the station.
Before leaving the rental station, make sure that the chains match the size of the tires, and that the manner of installation is clear to you. Please note that some 4X4 vehicles don't require snow chains.

* It is important to take into account that the winter tires and snow chains should be ordered in advance and if required extra charge, payment is made directly to the supplier.

לתשומת לב השוכרים באיטליה Plan to rent a car or pass through Italy during winter time? please note:
The law in Italy states that between 15 November and 15 April, holding snow chains in the car in some regions of Italy (mainly in the northern provinces) is mandatory.
For your convenience we have prepared a map describing the areas in which the obligation to hold the snow chains in the side of the screen (or in the lower part of mobile devices), that can be downloaded to your device. You can also see it here.

נוזל אנטי פריז Anti-freeze liquid:
Note that at very low temperatures, the fuel in the tank may freeze. We therefore recommend that you park the car in an indoor garage and/or add an anti-freeze liquid to the fuel tank (a special substance that prevents the fuel from freezing) that can be purchased at petrol stations.

גגון סקי Going skiing?
Book the Ski Rack on which you can assemble your skis to the car in advance. Please note that the device is intended for two ski sets only. In addition, it is worth knowing that rental companies do not offer a device for snowboarding.

עלויות  Take the costs of the winter equipment in account:
Some companies charge payment for additional equipment rentals such as snow chains, ski racks and winter tires. Therefore, these costs should be included in the overall calculation when comparing the different rental prices.


Ofran wishes you a safe and pleasant winter trip.

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