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Every country apply different driving laws and rules, so we recommend checking those in advance.

Here are some important information when renting a car abroad:

◾ Highways stickers:
Upon entering highway roads and certain countries, such as Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and Hungary, a special pass is required for driving on a highway (motorways) which usually comes in a form of a sticker affixed that needs to be applied to the front windscreen of the vehicle. Accordingly, when you cross the border into a country that requires a pass, you must have the relevant sticker that allows travel on the local highways. This is true even if you only pass through these countries and not just if you pick up or drop off the car there.

It is very important in the case of crossing from one country to another to ascertain in advance whether another sticker is needed at the border crossing. Note that without an appropriate sticker you will be exposed to high fines.

In addition, in many countries, there are toll roads that are charged regardless of the sticker. In such countries, such as the US, Italy, France, Portugal, Norway and more, check-in or check-out is payable at highways.
In some countries, car rental companies may offer you a device that is installed in the rental vehicle and facilitates convenient and sometimes discounted fees (in the US, for example, the device is known as "Toll-pass" and in Portugal "Via Varde").

In the US, for example, there are many toll roads, so we recommend finding out already at the rental pick-up whether there is such a device available for you.

◾ Traffic laws:
The traffic laws vary from state to state and you must know them and be vigilant.
In addition to the speed limits and international traffic signs in Europe, it is customary to limit car entry into city centers.

For example, in London and Stockholm, a tax has to be paid for entrance to certain areas and in Italy the most popular sign in some cities is "zona a traffico limitato" which is very easy to miss.

ZTL - ona a Traffico Limitato - השכרת רכב באיטליה

If you missed it, you will most likely be photographed by a local authority camera and it will ask your rental company for your name and address to send you a traffic ticket detailing your payment options.
Please note that the rental companies charge a handling fee for transferring the driver's details to the relevant authority.


Ofran wishes you a safe and pleasant trip.

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