Fuel tips in Car rental

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Renting a car abroad? we have 4 important tips for you regarding fuel with your rental car:

1. When collecting the vehicle:

The rental car is delivered with a full tank.
We recommend that when picking up the vehicle, you will check the fuel gauge to make sure that the actual fuel tank condition is in accordance with the car rental agreement.
In case you got the vehicle with a tank which is less than full, make sure it is stated on the car rental agreement.

2. When returning the vehicle:

The rental vehicle is delivered as stated with a full fuel tank and you must return the fuel tank in the same condition as it was received, unless you purchased a service that allows you to return in with an empty tank. 
In the event of a lack of fuel in the tank when the vehicle is returned, the car rental company will charge you at the rate determined by them, plus fueling charges.
We recommend that you keep the latest refueling receipt as well as the car drop-off status report for any future inquiries.
Please note that if you purchase a pre-paid fuel tank from the car rental company, you will not be refunded for unused fuel.

3. Diesel:

Note that a part of Europe's rental cars are diesel fueled, so be sure to check in advance the type of fuel required for the rental vehicle and fill it only. 
If you fill incorrect fuel, you will be charged the full repair costs.

4. Anti-freeze Additive:

At very low temperatures the fuel in the tank may freeze.
When traveling in areas where ice or snow are expected, prepare accordingly - we recommend that you park the car in an indoor parking lot as well as add "antifreeze" (a special material that prevents the fuel from freezing) to the fuel tank when refueling, which can be purchased at gas stations.

Ofran wishes you a safe and pleasant trip.

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