Tips for driving in Greece

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Greece is a popular tourist destination that attracts visitors throughout all seasons of the year, offering a wide range of options, attractions, and activities suitable for all visitors, off all ages.

Amazing beaches, urban cultural getaways, luxurious hotels or family-friendly vacations. In Greece you can enjoy them all.

Among the various advantages of Greece are the short flight and flexible car rental options.
Car rental will allow you to explore the local culture, enjoy remote villages and breathtaking landscapes. 

Just before rushing to book a dream vacation and renting a car, there are a few driving rules and tips you should be aware of:


 ◾ Driving direction

Fortunately, driving in Greece is on the right side, similar to Israel and most European countries. However, while driving, we recommend sticking to the right lane and only switching to the left lane only when overtaking. 

Additionally, Greek drivers tend to drive slowly, many cars are old and the condition of the road network is not as good as in other western European countries. We recommended to drive with extra caution.

◾  Parking

Every tourist who rents a car knows that parking is a sensitive issue, so it is very important to know the rules.

Throughout Greece you will find parking signs indicating paid parking of paid parking. These signs are usually written in Greek and English. Pay attention to them, buy parking tickets in advance and thus avoid unpleasant situations and unnecessary expenses. In some cities, such as Athens, it is recommended to park the car in parking lots outside the city center and/or the very crowded old town and travel by tourist bus or on foot.


 ◾ Rural roads

Part of the experience of vacationing in Greece is the trip to the small villages, but on your way there you should know that the roads to the less touristy and authentic areas are particularly narrow and require extra caution. Slow down and pay attention to the signs, as sometimes roads in villages are damaged or without shoulders. If you want to stop and look at the view, take a picture or reorient the GPS, it is important to do so in designated places that allow you to pull over without disturbing traffic. It should be noted that tires and the undercarriage of the car are usually not included in the basic insurance, so you should prepare in advance and make sure you add Ofran Plus to your booking.


 ◾ Boarding a ferry with rental cars

Some islands have ferry crossings. However, it should be taken into account that some car rental companies completely forbid boarding with the rented vehicle on a ferry, while other companies allow it but with an additional insurance fee. In any case, if there is any intention to board a ferry during the trip, it must be indicated at the time of booking.


Wishing you a lovely trip in Greece with your rental car 🚘


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