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Traveling abroad with the kids can be an amazing experience, but can easily turn into an unpleasant experience. Here are some recommendations that will make your family trip safe and fun:

car icon We recommend choosing the most comfortable and suitable vehicle

Take into account the number of children traveling with you, the amount of luggage and equipment you will bring with you and also leave room for shopping. Choose a spacious vehicle that suits your needs.
For example, in station-wagon or minivan cars, children will have plenty of room to play and relax on long trips and your cargo loading process will be quicker and more convenient, without unnecessary effort and without transferring part of the cargo to the passenger area.
The price differences between the car groups are not large - but the differences in size or configuration can make all the difference.

car icon The Safety Seat

In every country there are some drivers raging on the road. Therefore, on any trip abroad - even if it is a very short trip - it is essential that each child and infant sit in their respective safety seat.

Traveling with a baby under one year? It's better to bring your seat from the country. The safety chairs offered by the rental companies are of a uniform size for an age range, which may be too large or too small for your child, and beyond the fact that this may cause the safety not to be optimal, when your child feels uncomfortable - you also feel uncomfortable.

Also note that according to the rules that all rental companies operate worldwide, workers at the counters are not allowed to install the safety seats themselves. Therefore, it is your responsibility to install the car seat according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Before each trip, it is important to check that the seat is properly and securely fastened to the back seat using the seat belt. Try moving the chair. Is it still moving? this means that it needs to be tightened further.

car icon The Seat Belt

Before leaving, make sure that the shoulder straps are properly aligned with the child and the waist strap is kept on his hips as low as possible to ensure maximum protection.
How much should you tighten the straps? Until you can only put a finger between the straps and the child's chest.

car icon For long trips with small children it is best to choose the fastest, straightest, best marked and brightest way.

Look at the map and see if the route has difficult and dangerous road sections, such as narrow, winding roads. This is how you know in advance when to ask the children to be more quiet to allow you to concentrate on driving.

car icon Nice activity idea

Magnify the map, cut the section of itinerary you do each day, and put the "daily map" in the back seat. So, instead of asking you every few minutes if "are we there yet?", the kids can see for themselves where are and when you're arriving. In any case, it is important to take breaks on the trip to let the kids get some air, it will help them and you too.

car icon Hold a trash bag in the vehicle and some plastic bags with a closure strip.

The garbage bag will be used for waste (and you can even use it as a vomit bag, if necessary). The other bags are for snacks, toys and gifts.
In the glove compartment put a small first aid kit, tissue and moist wipes.

car icon Do not leave toys scattered in the car.

In the event of an accident, the scattered toys will fly everywhere and could endanger your children and you. The equipment in the trunk and inside the vehicle is also important to tighten as much as possible so that it does not disperse during the trip and endanger the passengers.

car icon Have some food and drinks with you.

On long trips it is recommended to stop for a refreshment and a stretch of the legs, but it is always good to know that if there is a delay in the road there will be something to snack.

car icon Travelling during summer time?

If you leave the vehicle in an uncovered parking lot, do not forget to cover the metal parts of the safety seats so that the children do not suffer from the heat when they return to the car.

car icon And how to pass the time?

Assembling and creating toys will entertain children three years and older. Also, you should bring some music or stories that your little ones especially love.
The older kids can pack tablets with different games or thinking games, reading material or any creative way that can entertain them.
You can also suggest children to make a disc or playlist with a collection of favorite songs so everyone can listen to it during the ride, or combine different travel games and enjoy the shared ride experience (Looking for ideas? We've got you some fun travel games ideas to read here).

Traveling by car with children abroad does not have to be difficult or challenging, but a fun and formative family experience that your children and you will lovingly remember for many years to come.
All you have to do is prepare yourself well and pay attention to the small but important details that will make all the difference.

Ofran wishes you a safe and pleasant trip.

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