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We know that sometimes the long rides in the rental car can be a little challenging.
You have miles and miles to spend together in a car (you must admit that even the most spacious van can feel like a beetle car when you spend 8 hours a day in it).

Did you know that the average of a daily car ride for a European driver while vacationing is less than 50km per day, while for the Israeli driver when renting a car abroad, the average ride per day is between 150Km and 200Km?!

Still, we think that the drive itself is a great opportunity to create shared memories, and to experience quality time that does not actually exist in the day-to-day race. So what can you do on the ride? Oh, we're glad you asked.

Know any traveling games? Here are some ideas:

letters icon  Alphabet
Each passenger in the car has to say in turn the name of something (or someone) in the vehicle in the order of the alphabet. A player that gets stuck gets out of the game. the winner is the last one to succeed.

picnic icon  I went on a picnic and took with me...
Each passenger in the car has to say in turn the sentence "I went on a picnic and took with me (the name of some item)" The next one needs to remember the name of the previous item and add its own. So you get a long list of items that needs to be remembered.
This game can be played forever! Here's a game that can pass the time even on a coast to coast road trip to the USA!

i spy icon  I spy
This is perhaps the most popular and best-known travel game. Each participant recognizes in turn an object inside or outside of the car and chooses a way to describe it, for example, "I spy inside the car something in the color of a _____" or "I spy outside of the car something that begins with the letter _____ " and, of course, if the passengers in the car don't recognize the object, add a new description every time. You can be very creative in this game, let your children surprise you.

questions icon  21 Questions
Each of the passengers of the vehicle chooses a character. This can be a fictional character, a famous person or a relative, a living or a dead person - in short every possible character. The rest of the passengers have 21 questions that they can ask to discover the identity of the character. Who will be the game champion? The one that knew the most characters, or knew how to choose the most difficult characters to identify. We can play this game forever!

song icon  A word in Song
Each passenger chooses a word and then you turn on the radio, each time one of the words is mentioned in one of the songs, whoever chose the word gets a point. This should be a relatively unique word that does not hear all the time (so words like: Yes, no, love, you - will not be accepted).

quiet game icon  The Silent Game
Need some peace and quiet on the road? The "Silent Game" is just for you - the first one talking loses in the game. Add an award to the winner and you are guaranteed a very quiet and relaxing journey.


Ofran wishes you a safe and pleasant trip.

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