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If you are experienced in renting a car abroad, you may have already come across the following situation.
One bright day, a note regarding the trip you took six months ago arrives by mail, and it's not the kind of reminder you'd like to receive - it's a traffic report.

It may be because of a speed limit sign you missed in Germany, or you may have accidentally entered a restricted traffic zone in Italy without paying attention to the warning sign. It can happen to even the most careful drivers.

First of all, there is no reason to stress. As we have already said, we are with you all the way.

Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel your fine, but we can help and reduce the hassle that can accompany paying a report in a foreign country.
In order to ease the process of paying the fine as much as possible, you can use the PayTicket service through the Ofran’s link and even have an added value! 

PayTicket is a platform for paying traffic or parking reports received in one of the European countries. The service enables payment of the report to the relevant authority in the most convenient and secure way. The service is operated and maintained by "Moneynet  Ibn Gabirol " company, a company that has been providing payment solutions in Israel since 1999.

And what is the added value? 

For every payment made through the link below, a donation of 10 NIS will be made to the "Or Yarok" (Green Light) Association - the charity for fighting road accidents in Israel.

We are committed to maintaining safety on the roads, and hope that you will not have to use the payment service for traffic reports at all, meanwhile we promise to do everything to assist you and to handle the report successfully.

This is the link to fill out the online form on the website:

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Please note, if you receive traffic or parking report from a country that is not in Europe, you can pay the report according to the details that appear on the report, usually by bank transfer - but sometimes you will also be given the option to pay online by credit card.      


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Want to understand the service better?

We have compiled for you the important things you should know: 


Do all reports arrive by mail?

No, there are two ways to receive a traffic report abroad: 

  1. A report received on the spot - if you received the report already during the trip and it has a transfer account number (IBAN), you can pay it through us, even before receiving a notice from the rental company.
    The account details will not always appear on the report. In this case, you must wait to receive the official report from the Authority.
  2. A report that comes through the rental company. That is, the rental company receive the report and turn it over in your name.
    in that case:
    You will have to pay for the conversion operation fees (between 20-50 euros) via credit card, unfortunately this amount cannot be refunded.
    You will receive a notice from the rental company that a report has been issued and conversion has been carried out, and you must wait for the report to reach you from the authority that issued the report.
    After receiving the report, you will be able to pay with PayTicket through the following link

Why is the service of PayTicket necessary?

Paying a report from a foreign country may be more complicated than you think.

First, the report will often be written in a foreign language and structured differently from the one we are used to.
Each country has a different approach to money transfers and foreign exchange, and even the representatives of the official bodies - the banks or the post office in Israel - do not always understand the issue.

Second, in order to make the transfer you will have to go to the bank branch or the post office, and sometimes also pay an additional fee that can reach tens of euros, in addition to the amount of the report.

What will happen if I don't pay the report?

In four words - it's not recommended.

If you do not pay the report as soon as it reaches you, it will increase and additional late payment fines will be added. This way you will find yourself paying twice or three times at least, the original amount you were required to pay. In addition, the enforcement policy of reports in European countries is one of the strictest in the world. Even if you thought the debt was forgotten, you can find yourself in a real problem when you want to enter the same country again, or even in another European country. 

Are there other options for paying for the report?

As mentioned, the report can be paid through the various banks or via Israel Post, but it is important to remember that these bodies do not specialize in dealing with various authorities abroad, and payment through them can cost you time and money. It is precisely for this reason that PayTicket was established.

Advantages of using the PayTicket platform:

icon v PayTicket: only 45 NIS
icon x Banks + Israel Post Office: A minimum of 30 USD, may reach more

icon v PayTicket: You can fill out an online form on the website at your own time, 24/7
icon x Banks + Israel Post Office: You will have to come to the branch during opening hours and wait on line

icon v PayTicket: Extensive experience in performing payment of thousands of different reports, and in dealing with most collection authorities in Europe
icon x  Banks + Israel Post Office: No specialization in this field

Service and support:
icon v PayTicket: Accompany you throughout the payment process. You will receive information and support, and a review of the entire process of receiving the report and paying it, until final confirmation
icon x Banks + Israel Post Office: No support and service beyond the transfer execution is offered

We wish you a pleasant and safe trip, Ofran team

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